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These brogues are one of my favorite pair of shoes lately. They look great with skinny jeans, or a short sundress or skirt. This particular pair has a bright blue sole for an extra fun kick.

moments brogues

Beautiful flowers that my husband surprised me with … just because. Our 6 year anniversary is coming up, and I am proud to have a husband that will still surprise me with flowers, despite our very busy lives.

moments irises

Hmmm… now that I am thinking about it, maybe he got me the flowers because I got him a nice bottle of tequila while grocery shopping. We live walking distance from a great, old school, tequila bar called El Carmen. We walk to dinner and stop in there for a drink sometimes, always sampling new tequilas. The bartenders in there are super knowledgable AND friendly. We tasted some Tres Generaciones Anejo this past time. I love good tequila !

moments tequila


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I am really loving doing these blog posts because it makes me capture all the beautiful moments in life and posting the pics and commenting on these images reminds me for a second time how precious all those little moments can be.

moment pottery

Some beautiful blue & white pottery at a store inside the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. The entire store had the most charming French provincial items. Hand made soaps, artisanal cooking oils and marinades, and beautiful dishes and kitchen items.

moment shells

Shells gathered during our weekend stop at the beach.

moment jeans

My DIY distressed jeans and Converse during a weekend trip to the park with my kids.

moment daffodil

Every week, there are more and more signs of Spring in LA. Bare trees are sprouting leaves and dandelions are popping up. Spotted this one on an evening walk.

moment flower

A flower my son picked for me during one of our daily evening walks. He always asks me to put it behind my ear and to put one behind his ear too.



Some images I captured over the past few weeks. All things that made me stop and pause to enjoy the beauty that life is so full of, sometimes.

mini moments

Love all the color of this outfit. An awesome Spring time rain jacket from Old Navy, my JCrew matchstick jeans, and some green flats, along with a pop of orange from my bag.

moment beach cafe

A beautiful, warm, Spring day in Los Angeles, that brought us to the beach. We walked and played with the kids along the shore, threw rocks in the ocean, and looked for pretty shells. This awesome cafe is right on the sand, and appropriately named Back on the Beach.


I was so charmed by this coffee set-up I used when we had some family & friends over for brunch. Wish I had the time & energy to set this up every weekend for my husband and me to enjoy.

moment daffodil

The little things I notice when going for a walk around the block. Because I am with two toddlers, a walk “around the block” can take 30-40 minutes as they stop and pick up rocks, examine flowers and the bark on trees. It’s a nice way to slow down and take in all that is around us.


Travel – What No One Ever Tells You to Pack

I have logged a few trips in the past few months. I have been to Dallas, Vegas, Florida and San Diego. I might even be forgetting a trip in there somewhere. The trips were a combination of work, relaxation and a family visit. There are a few items I always pack, and they have saved me on many occassions. Here is my little list of those unmentioned travel must-haves that I wanted to share:

travel collage

Visine or eye drops: There are so many reasons to pack this. My eyes turn red when I go to Vegas for a conference and have to walk through a smokey casino. Non stop air conditioning in hotel rooms dries out my eyes (see I live in California where we are spoiled and rarely need AC), lack of sleep or jet lag, indulging a bit too much, and of course just the flight alone can result in red eyes. So when I need to look rested and clear-eyed for a business meeting or just after a long flight, I love having eye drops on hand.

Travel size lint roller: Pretty obvious here. If you are wearing dark trousers, shorts, skirt or dress, you can end up with visible lint. So pack a travel size lint roller that you can purchase in the travel size section of your local drugstore.

Earplugs: I have stayed in many hotels, and you never know when you will end up near an elevator, a linen closet with chatty housekeepers or just with a loud air conditioner. I always travel with ear plugs.

Sleep eye mask: When you are dealing with a time change and want to sleep in, an eye mask is a great way to keep you snoozing past sunrise. Most hotels have black-out curtains, but there is always that sliver or light that gets in, beams right into my face and wakes me up at 6:30am, when I am still on West Coast time and my body clock knows it’s really 3:30am. Ugh …. eye mask to the rescue. (Also works when staying with friends / family that may not have dark shades in the bedroom)

Excedrin: This is the only thing that will get rid of a serious headache for me and it’s not easy to find. So I always pack a few Excedrin to take with me because Advil & Tylenol don’t work when my head is pounding.

So before you head out for your summer trip or your next business trip, hit your local drugstore and stock up on these items !

PS – When traveling to Europe, I recommend packing a travel iron as European hotels do not provide them in-room, and it’s costly to have the hotel staff press all your garments.

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This Day

Even though the headline at the top of this blog says that I will not blog about Motherhood, I have to break my own rule on this day. This day, three years ago I became a first time Mom to my son. Three sleep-deprived years later, I can’t imagine not having him in my life. Those of you that are parents, already know the indescribable love you feel for your kids. It’s like your heart grows and expands to love in a way you never thought you could. For those that want to have kids one day, know that it will be the toughest yet most rewarding job of your life.

Happy Birthday to my little bud !