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Easy Snacking

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By the time I get home from work, most days, I am hungry. To avoid over eating at dinner time, I try to have a healthy snack around 5:30pm to get me through two more hours, until I can sit down and eat dinner. One super easy and tasty snack I was recently reminded of is avocado with some hot sauce. It might sound strange but it’s really the same stuff you would eat during most Mexican meals. I love avocado and always have several at the house. I also love hot sauce, and if you don’t already know, there are lots of benefits to eating hot sauce. It revs up metabolism, and keeps you satisfied longer and tastes oh-so-good. You can eat this tasty snack on a slice of toasted bread or Wasa, or even on it’s own.

If you’re counting calories, or trying to slim down, make sure to only eat 1/3 or no more than half a medium avocado as they are full of calories. One medium size avocado can pack as much as 280 calories !

And to be a total dork. the title of this post is a play on one of my favorite musicians of all time – Bob Marley. Most of you have heard the song “Easy Skanking” but just in case, you haven’t, here it is.


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