Not Going Out Like That



Some images I captured over the past few weeks. All things that made me stop and pause to enjoy the beauty that life is so full of, sometimes.

mini moments

Love all the color of this outfit. An awesome Spring time rain jacket from Old Navy, my JCrew matchstick jeans, and some green flats, along with a pop of orange from my bag.

moment beach cafe

A beautiful, warm, Spring day in Los Angeles, that brought us to the beach. We walked and played with the kids along the shore, threw rocks in the ocean, and looked for pretty shells. This awesome cafe is right on the sand, and appropriately named Back on the Beach.


I was so charmed by this coffee set-up I used when we had some family & friends over for brunch. Wish I had the time & energy to set this up every weekend for my husband and me to enjoy.

moment daffodil

The little things I notice when going for a walk around the block. Because I am with two toddlers, a walk “around the block” can take 30-40 minutes as they stop and pick up rocks, examine flowers and the bark on trees. It’s a nice way to slow down and take in all that is around us.


5 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Your orange bag is gorgeous!

  2. The weather has been so accommodating lately 😉 Love your navy + green combo!

    Christine In Color

  3. Indeed- life happens fast. It’s hard to remember to stop sometimes and enjoy it….
    Especially when you have kids!

  4. Love snapshots! And I’m super jealous of your beach time

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