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Get Your Feet Ready for Summer

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As warmer weather approaches, I am reminded that I better get my feet ready for all those open toe shoes. Nicely trimmed and painted toe nails are just one component of getting your feet ready for warm weather. Here is a list of some things you can do to make sure your feet are looking (and feeling) their best !

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Get a good quality foot file to keep in your shower and use 2-3 times per week. This was something a manicurist turned me on to, years ago. She said that if I did this for just a minute or two, twice a week, it would keep my feet much softer than doing the ‘twice a month’ callous remover treatments at the nail salon. Do NOT shave the hard skin off your feet. That only makes it worse !

Apply a heavy foot cream or moisturizer right after the shower or bath.

Wear socks or slippers around the house. Walking around barefoot contributes to dry, cracked feet.

Wear socks or a hidden cotton liner when wearing closed toe shoes, boots, sneakers, etc. Feet become rough and develop callouses from bare skin rubbing against the inside of your shoe. I try to wear nude hose-socks when I am in trousers & heels. Since so little of the foot is showing in trousers, it’s very hard to notice that I am wearing hosiery.

If you are wearing sandals or flip flops all day, try putting on a heavy foot cream and sleeping with socks so your feet get some moisturizing at night.

Also remember to give your feet a rest from high heels. Our bodies were not designed to bear the load  of our entire body weight on the ball of the foot. Pressure to this part of the foot increases by 76% when wearing a 3 inch heel. If you do wear heels most days, try putting on sneakers,  flip flops or flats during your commute to work. High heels can shorten your achilles tendon and calf muscle, so going back to a flatter sole can help stretch these muscles.

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