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Mini Moments


These are just some random mini-moments I captured of things that make me happy, and wanted to share in one post, as there was not enough time to make each one a dedicated post.

Nothing says Spring more than the arrival of Daffodils. They are so bright and cheery, I have to buy several bunches each time I see them at the market.

I don’t know how Trader Joe’s does it but they come up with some amazing products. Who doesn’t love bacon (vegetarians aside) ? Now your whole house doesn’t have to smell like the stuff because this pre-cooked bacon takes 15 seconds to warm up in the microwave. I sprinkled some in my potato salad and my egg frittata this weekend.
mini moments bacon

I did a blog post with these plaid (tartan) pants and love the contrast of the print with my leopard Be&D bag.
mini moments plaid

Always wanted a house with a red door and love this red front gate that I walked by in my neighborhood. If you have read up on Feng Shui, you know that a red door brings good luck.

That’s it for today folks. We are experiencing some unusually warm weather in Southern California this week. Wednesday promises a high of 81 so I have to start applying the self tanner now, before I let my winter legs out for show.

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4 thoughts on “Mini Moments

  1. I love bacon but HATE the smell of it in my house for the rest of the day. Gotta find this stuff!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    • Amy – it’s in the refrigerated section at TJ’s … next to meat / hot dogs, etc. It was so easy to warm up and then I chopped it and threw it in the potato salad, then stored the unused part.

  2. you should do a thing on what tanning creams you like and which ones you don’t and why.

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