Not Going Out Like That

Military Inspired


I recently bought this skirt during Zara’s post holiday sale and realized it went perfectly with a surplus jacket I had bought a few months back. It’s almost like a little military inspired skirt suit. The abstract print in olive & black on the skirt really pairs well with the jacket with faux leather sleeves. The skirt even has a small leather detail at the very top which you can’t see in these photos. The jacket is layered with a simple v-neck in winter white, black tights and heels.

military 4

military 2

military 3

military 1

Jacket – Staring at Stars, available here

Skirt – Zara, available hereΒ ( I am 5’9″ so if you are petite, this skirt won’t be quiet as short on you πŸ™‚

Sweater & Tights – Gap, old

Shoes – Via Spiga Edit Pump, sold out at Nordstrom, available at Amazon only now


12 thoughts on “Military Inspired

  1. Love the pairing. Actually, every part of this outfit is pretty nice!

  2. nice jacket! and nice hair color, by the way. I hope you don’t mind if I ask if it is natural. I’m Asian so I naturally have dark, boring hair and I’ve been trying to experiment on hair color since last year to achieve one similar to yours to no avail 😦 the last time, I ended up with bright orange hair, haha.

    • I don’t mind sharing at all … I have been coloring my hair red for years and I do it myself at home. I use L’Oreal Medium Auburn (5MB) and my natural color is a medium to dark brown. If you are going to do it yourself, and your natural color now is dark brown I would go with a dark red, the hair will lighten over time so touch up roots every 4-6 weeks but don’t dye your entire head. About every 4 months, apply the color to the entire head to freshen up the color. I plan to do a post on this so I am glad you asked πŸ™‚

  3. Great jacket, I am obsessed with military green at the moment!

  4. In love with the jacket! Thanks for sharing this.

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