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90’s Fashion Trends That Should NOT Make a Comeback


Hello friends. I don’t want to date myself but let’s just say I was “around” in the 90’s and was old enough to leave the house un-chaperoned. My friends and I made some BAD fashion choices and luckily, there were no cell phone cameras (or cell phones for that matter) to capture these mistakes. Fashion from the early 90’s has already made a comeback. Think colored denim, boyfriend jackets, oversized sweatshirts, neon, crop tops, cross body bags and plaid. I know some darling kids out there think they invented some of these looks, but they have all been done before, by people that are now considered “old”. So here is my list of 90’s fashion trends that I hope do NOT return. I fear that for some of these, it may already be too late.

The bustier. Sure it can be done in a cute, updated way with distressed jeans, point heels and tousled hair but you will live to regret it. Unless you are doing a pin-up girl look a la Dita Von Teese, please do not attempt this look at home.


The flatform sneaker. Yes – I know I love the high-top wedge and I may regret that choice one day but at least those don’t look like Munster shoes. These flatforms are clunky, and not worth the extra 1-2 inches of height. If you notice, Posh Spice never did the flatform thing, even back in her Spice Girl days. She knew …

Flatform Sneakers

Another trend I embraced in my youth is the over the knee sock, which I sometimes wore with a Doc Marten type shoe. (Doc Martens’ comeback I am actually excited about, although I probably won’t wear them myself). I think the only people who can wear these socks are long legged anorexic types who want their legs to look “bigger” or the former cast of Clueless.  That’s it. No one else. IMO.


There are a few more for which I did not make a collage. They include the choker necklace, baby doll dresses, biker shorts (under a dress), stirrup pants, cheongsam dresses, and anything with a sunflower print. What is your least favorite 90’s trend ?


6 thoughts on “90’s Fashion Trends That Should NOT Make a Comeback

  1. I agree on all of them (and still wear purple Doc Martens’), especially on the hideous flatforms!

  2. YES YES YES! 90’s fashion was the WORST lol But I’m sure every generation says that :/

  3. Isn’t it funny all the 90’s trends. Do you remember the sunflower print ? It was so popular. I used to roll up the bottom hem of my denim skirt and wear those giant socks that looked like a leg warmer.

  4. This blog post brought back so many memories, it made me laugh! I used to love wearing hats with big flowers on the front (think of the tv show Blossom), and shirts tied at the waist. I thought I looked great at the time…

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