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More Flowers That Last


One of my very first posts was on why I love fresh flowers in the house and how to select the flowers that will last and give you the most bang for your buck. Now that the holidays are over, I felt inspired to pick out some colorful (almost Spring like) flowers to brighten up my house. Sometimes when all the trimmings are put away and the excitement of the holidays ends, all we are left with is a few extra pounds and life back in high gear. Here are some simple and inexpensive flowers I picked up at my the market this weekend. I hope it inspires you to brighten up your home with flowers as well !

orange gerber daisies


For more ideas on how to help your flowers last longer, check out this list from Readers Digest or go to my original post for more ideas on helping them last. Changing out the water every day or as often as you can is a good way to prevent bacteria in the water and will help your flowers last longer.


4 thoughts on “More Flowers That Last

  1. LOVE fresh flowers!!! those pink ones are so fun!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Christine ! I took a break on flowers after the holidays but now I need some bright color back in my house.

  3. Fresh flowers make such a difference. And like you, I’m always drawn to the colorful ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Trader Joe’s always has great deals!

    Christine In Color

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