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Fashion Inspiration for 2013


Just wanted to share a few trends that look like they will be big in 2013 !

The sexy fashion sweatshirt has made a comeback (think Jennifer Beals in Flashdance) but this time it is being paired with ultra feminine bottoms such as a mini skirt and heels or a flowy maxi as seen below.

sweatshirt collage

Emerald green is popping up everywhere for Spring 2013 but it’s a color that can easily transition from Winter to Spring so if you have anything of this color in your wardrobe already, start dusting it off for 2013. It’s been called the Color of the Year for 2013 !

emerald green collage

I fell in love with the combination of green and gray when I worked at this place:

emerald green front desk

green cameo bar

Stay tuned for more fashion trends and inspiration for 2013 !


7 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration for 2013

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  3. And indeed – love that shade of green! Go viceroy 🙂

  4. Anthropologie has the softest sweatshirts… A bit pricey- but love the brand sparrow!!

  5. Whoever thought of making sweatshirts fashionable is a genius.

    Christine In Color

    • I think when a woman takes something a guy would wear and makes it feminine, it instantly becomes sexy. I love the way these ladies are all rocking their sweatshirts !

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