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Office in the Bedroom ?

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We moved into our house in 2009, when I was 7 months pregnant. Moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house seemed like such an expansion. We had all these additional rooms to furnish and a REAL living room and dining room. Just three short years later, I feel like we have already outgrown our house. It really happened in the past year when we had to give up the office / guestroom and turn it into a room for our baby girl. I had hopes of having my kids share a room, but then the fear of them waking each other up and me never sleeping again seeped in and here I am … with an office in my bedroom.

Below are a few images of the progression. I started out with selecting what I think is a “dressier” desk to make the idea of a desk in our bedroom less depressing. I got my desk from Home Decorators, but checking on-line now, they don’t seem to carry it anymore. I also had a REALLY hideous chair that we just had on hand and were too lazy to replace.


I then added some large wall art by 1) buying a large frame at a thrift store for $40, then 2) selecting a fabric that I thought would look good framed and 3) spray painting the picture frame in high gloss black. I used a thin piece of wood that I bought at a lumber store then stretched the fabric around it and stapled and taped the fabric down. The whole thing cost about $125 (with custom cut glass) but for a framed piece that size, it’s a deal !

I then added this snazzy chair that I found at Room Service furniture in LA. Comparatively, this chair was the big splurge but I think it adds such a fun wink to the entire set up and the colorful chevron plays well off our chevron rug from Dwell Studio.

desk with new chair

Since we have both a desk and file cabinet that are rather wide across the wall, I also dug up two old photos I took of flowers. One is a pic I took while on a trip to Santa Fe, NM. The other is a pic of some gorgeous bougainvillea that was in full bloom on our street when we lived in an apartment. I thought the saturated pink of these two flowers would play well against the fabric on the larger framed piece. So I sized the two flowers to 5X5, then went to Aaron Bros. to buy some 10″ square frames and ready-made mats. This cost an additional $30-$40, so for less than $200 I decorated a very large wall with some DIY art.


close up flower


Here we are with the final product. Dressy regency style desk, some DIY wall art, and a fabulous desk chair. If you feel like you need to dress up your home office, I have listed some helpful sources below.

final desk

Shades of Light for some unique and colorful chairs

Dwell Studio for large art work

Same desk as picture above on

Prints from Etsy that could work in an office
Photo of Chiluly ceiling at the Bellagio
If You Work Really Hard


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