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Easy & Healthy Quinoa Cakes

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Do you ever have those days where your refrigerator is almost empty and you have no desire to cook nor do you have any idea what you COULD make if you wanted to ? That is what happened to me last night. I have gotten a little lazy with cooking since we had leftovers from Christmas and ate out a few times as a family during the past few weeks. My refrigerator was empty. All the protein I have was frozen still and I felt uninspired. Then I remembered an easy little recipe for Quinoa Cakes from Eat Yourself Skinny that I saw and thought I would give it a try. Once again, these are all basic ingredients that you probably already have on hand and it’s healthy ! We usually eat quinoa on the side of a protein or mixed into a salad but you can eat quinoa as your main. Quinoa grains contain essential amino acids like lysine and good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. I recommend making a large batch of quinoa so in addition to making the quinoa cakes, you can use the leftover quinoa to mix into a sald on the following night.

quinoa cakes

I did not have the grated cheese, nor the parsley or mint so I substituted the mint & parsley with cilantro which I prefer the former anyway. I also used a regular onion instead of the green onion. I think you can tweak this recipe to include your favorite additions. Maybe some finely chopped bell pepper or even use feta and olives for a greek version.

tomato avocado and onion salad

tomato avocado salad with quinoa cakes

I served these with a simple tomato, avocado and onion salad with an olive oil & balsamic dressing. Again – didn’t have all the salad fixings on hand so I made due with what I had. For the recipe, check out Eat Yourself Skinny.


One thought on “Easy & Healthy Quinoa Cakes

  1. This is great! We all love quinoa (except chip)! I have been eating out of my fridge like that this week too. Today I used up some brown rice, frozen peas, frozen shrimp and egg and whipped up some healthy fried rice for lunch! We are also trying to drop the sandy 5, the thanksgiving extra and now the xmas pounds. Lots of fun eating and drinking with friends here! We are on the band wagon and will be checking out that eat yourself skinny! Happy New Years to all! Super cute card too!

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