Not Going Out Like That

Weekend Casual


It seems every weekend, I find myself in my wedge sneakers, which I previously blogged about here. They are cute, comfy, and take the place of boots on a cool day. I love my tan Steve Maddens ones so much, that I went out and bought a pair of black Nike Dunks in black. My favorite thing to wear with my wedge sneakers is Old Navy Rockstar jeans, previously seen here and here. They come in every color, fit great and if one of my kids destroys them in some innovative fashion, it only costs $34.50 to replace them. I basically can’t invest in expensive weekend clothing because the chances of destruction are high.

wedge sneakers tan

One of my favorite color combos for the tan sneakers & jeans is just a simple winter white sweater and lightweight navy jacket. I know it’s not the most creative color combo, but there is a reason certain combinations are classic.


To add a little additional color that is on trend, I just threw on a burgundy (or oxblood) scarf from H&M.


Jacket, similar here

Scarf, similar here

Sweater, here  (almost gone)

Steve Madden wedge sneakers, here or in-store at DSW on sale


5 thoughts on “Weekend Casual

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  2. very nice! I love your style. I am also loving my Topshop wedge sneakers and I wear them almost every weekend and every casual Friday at work.

  3. Love, love, love this outfit! Super-cute and could wear just about anyplace and look cool.

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