Not Going Out Like That


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Marimekko recently opened a new store in Beverly Hills and I noticed it on Canon Drive as I was walking to pick up some lunch on nearby Beverly Drive. You may have seen Marimekko bedding at Crate & Barrel, or will recognize the iconic poppy print pattern that is pictured below. The Finnish brand originated in 1951 and had a long lapse in a US presence, but happily they are expanding again in the US and opening several stores. I took some pics of the store when I went to check it out and also included a few of my favorite items from their on-line store at the bottom of this post. For more on the Marimekko story, check out this.

marimekko store beverly hills

marimekko bedding

festive pot holders




bow ties

Joonas Pillow

Kekko dress for girls

Malto Skirt

Kivet Cotton Fabric

Unikko Yellow Comforter


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