Not Going Out Like That

Blue Suede Shoes


I know it’s December and most people are freezing their butts off but it’s 65 in LA and I can still wear bright pink ! But getting back to the purpose of this post … I have been searching for dark blue shoes this fall and could only find  bright cobalt blue until I found these beauties on-line at Talbots. They were originally $159 and were JUST reduced to (drum roll) …. $79 PLUS an additional 40% off  !!!!!! They are suede with leather bottom sole so it’s really good quality and value.  I know most people think of Talbots as a place 60 year old women shop but for about a hot minute they changed up their look and tried to go the JCrew route so  I actually bought a few items there. Then they went right back to Oldsville but I still like their shoes. I am not a fan of the 4-5″ heel (ouchy!) so I like that Talbots offers heels in the 3 inch range.  If you are in the market for blue heels, definitely check these out as they are comfy and can be worn for work or fun !



pink skinny jeans, blue & white striped tee and gray moto jacket from top shop

Also wearing
Top Shop jacket (old, but similar here and here )
H&M top (old, but similar here)
Club Monaco belt
Old Navy Rockstar Pop Jeans, here *
Talbots shoes, here

* If you decide to buy the ON skinny jeans, please know to size up quite a bit. For the POP Color ones, I wear a size 8 and for regular denim Rockstar jeans, I am a size 4 or 6.


6 thoughts on “Blue Suede Shoes

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  5. Love these. It is super hard to find navy heels! I’m totally with you for everyday shoes 4+ inch shoes are way too high (although I do love them)

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