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Easy Brunch Menu – Asparagus Frittata


A really easy and impressive breakfast item to serve to guests is a frittata. It’s much easier to make than a quiche, because there is no crust and once everything is assembled, you just pop it into the oven and then you can entertain guests while the frittata cooks. Another benefit is that a frittata tastes good cold or at room temperature so it will survive sitting out for a little while, before your guests ask for seconds.


You can make your frittata with whichever veggies you like or even include bacon or ham. If you do use bacon, I recommend cooking it beforehand, then dicing and adding to egg mixture before cooking the entire frittata.

– Baking pan, I prefer round and about 2-3 inches deep

– Non-stick cooking spray

– Eight to ten large eggs

– Bunch of asparagus

– One medium tomato, diced

– 1/2 cup Shredded cheese

– 1/4 cup of milk

– Salt & pepper to taste

chopped asparagus

Start by chopping up the asparagus and steaming or blanching until it is cooked al dente.  I steamed for about 5-10 minutes.  Pre-heat oven to 350. Combine eggs and beat till you have an even and smooth mixture. Then add milk, tomato, cheese, salt, pepper and cooked asparagus to the egg mixture. Grease the baking pan with the cooking spray and pour in egg mixture. Cook for 40 minutes or until center is cooked through. Add a light layer of cheese to the top of the frittata about 5 minutes before it’s completely done.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. Then hold a plate to the top of the baking pan and flip the frittata in whole onto a plate. I do not recommend slicing it in the baking pan.

Remember to remove the bottom few inches of the asparagus which is usually too tough to eat. I served my frittata with bagels & lox this past weekend, but in the past I have made Pillsbury biscuits that I pop into the oven at the same time. A frittata with a biscuit and a small side of bacon is making my mouth water as I write this.

Enjoy and let me know if you try this easy recipe !


5 thoughts on “Easy Brunch Menu – Asparagus Frittata

  1. I will try it this weekend-keep you posted on how it turns out!

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  3. Looks delish!! Asparagus is my favorite!

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