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Do You Flokati ?


FLO-KA-TI. Ever heard of it ? Neither had I, until I decided to purchase a flokati rug. A flokati rug is a hand-made wool shag rug that is dipped in cold river water to fluff the shag. The tradition originated in the Pindus Mountains of Greece. Who knew ?! Anyway – they are really cozy, fluffy and feel great on bare feet. My #1 rule for selecting a rug is to walk on it barefoot and see how it feels. AND they add a nice layer of texture to a room that has a lot of hard surfaces or just needs to be softened up.

Back to my flokati rug … I bought one from Ikea for about $100. I got it to place in a part of our living room that has very little traffic because it’s basically a reading nook that my husband uses for work reading. The natural off-white color looks great with the two chairs we have in that area and helps create a cozy little reading area in our living room. I included a few other pics of a flokati close up and a room designed by Kelly Wearstler that includes a flokati.

So friends, if you want to add some warm & fuzzy to a room, consider a flokati rug. As mentioned, you can get one at Ikea, World Market, Urban Outfitters, or a dyed one at Overstock. The prices vary and I am not enough of an expert to know what the price differential means but you can always start with the $99 Ikea version like me. Right now, Ikea has this cool webpage up showing how you can change a room by switching out the textiles and one of the version includes this very same rug here.


4 thoughts on “Do You Flokati ?

  1. Oh wow that’s a perfect idea….makes me want to run to IKEA asap to get one for my bedroom. You have such a nice reading nook there. So nice of you to drop a comment on my blog & direct me here to your lovely blog!


  2. Great rug! Loving your reading area! Great view!


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