Not Going Out Like That

A Day at the Flea Market


BIHK (before I had kids) I used to hit the Melrose Trading Post flea market in LA a few times a year to find unique, one of a kind goods and vintage finds. Every time I drive by it on a Sunday, I tell myself I need to make time to go. Since we had summer in LA up until last week, I was waiting for a cooler day to hit the flea market, and this past Sunday was my day. My MIL (mother in law) came over to help my husband with the kids and I got to the market bright and early (by single people’s standards) and spent 2 hours making my way through the parking lot of Fairfax High School where the market sets up. I came looking for brooches, a fur vest or jacket and anything else that might catch my eye. I did end up finding one brooch that reminded me of a Kenneth Jay Lane pin I saw. Also found a beautiful black fax fur vest for $40 !!! A few colorful African bead necklaces for $5-$8 a piece and an amazing steal of a flatweave rug that will be a runner in the center hallway of our house. I also got this punk inspired faux Chanel t-shirt by a local designer / artist. Overall a fun way to spend 2 hours in the morning and I got to take home some one-of-a-kind finds.

Here are some pics I took at the flea market of the pieces that I found interesting, quirky, and in high supply. The chair toward the end is actual Louis Vuitton fabric / leather that was used as upholstery for the antique chair.


3 thoughts on “A Day at the Flea Market

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  3. vintage shorts!

    X Jenny

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