Not Going Out Like That

Scarves, brooches & polka dots

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Two of the things I am kinda obsessing and loving right now are silk scarves and brooches. I had this polka dot scarf from a few years back and decided to wear it the other day with a polka dot top I already had. I was inspired to dig through my scarf drawer when I walked by a fashionable LA eatery and saw a mature woman in her 50’s / 60’s rocking a gorgeous orange silk scarf with her simple black & white striped long sleeve T. It added such an unexpected kick of color to her face and top and it was just DIFFERENT.

The other thing I am loving is a brooch on a jacket. I wore this snake pin a month ago and in the pic above decided to put on this rhinestone brooch I bought years ago at the Melrose Trading Post fleamarket. I am sort of itching to go to the market this weekend and hunt for some more.

I also found this amazing post on Neiman Marcus Daily (blog) about different ways to wear a brooch.

Will fill you in if I find any new treasures !


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