Not Going Out Like That

Happy Halloween !

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Happy Halloween everyone ! I am so excited to take my son trick or treating for the first time this year. We have been taking walks in the neighborhood to check out all the Halloween decorations and he told me he thinks EVERYONE should put up Halloween decorations. I am not dressing up this year, nor did I attend any (non-kid) parties, so I vowed that next year I will create a costume and head out for some grown up Halloween fun. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I looked through some old pictures last night from Halloween’s past. So I wanted to share with you some of my faves and a few of these are from our last election in 2008 when it was Obama vs McCain / Palin so be on the lookout for the Palin and Obama references.

Here I am as a very pregnant Star Trek girl back in 2009. I was 30 weeks pregnant at this stage and people at the party kept asking me if that was part of my costume. Why would a woman place a giant ball under her dress and have a 50 inch waist on the holiday when 90% of the other women are dressed like the slutty version of ___ (fill in the blank) My husband went as a rocker (wig and all) and the funny part was that in West Hollywood, many people look like that on a daily basis.

My son at age 2. Seems I have some sort of fascination with putting tattoos and funky hair on the men in my life. Hmmm ….

Last time I went out for Halloween before becoming a Mom. I had a little too much fun with blowing that whistle !

And here are the political shots I promised you. Too bad I missed out on the fun and creative costumes this year. Maybe I will see some tonight on our trick or treating route.


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