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Easy Fall Table Decor DIY

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This weekend I found these darling cactus plants in little orange (pumpkin like) bowls and I was inspired to creative a festive Fall tablescape for our dining room.

I also bought some Rosehips ($4.99 a bunch) and two bags of cranberries for the table centerpiece to give the overall design some height.

For the Rosehips, I picked a taller cylindrical vase, trimmed the Rosehips down and poured in the cranberries (ended up only needing one bag). I then added water until all the cranberries were submerged and then arrange the Rosehips so the vase looks full and even.

To tie in the orange cactus bowls, I also bought an arrangement of flowers in yellow, orange and a deep plum. I don’t remember what this assortment of flowers were called, but I think you can use any assortment of smaller, wild flowers.

I trimmed these, removed all the leaves, and placed them in two smaller bud like vases. When combining several vases of flowers on one table, it’s important to keep shape, size and height in mind. I like the mix of low, medium and taller heights and that each vase and vessel is shaped differently.

I had to play around with the flowers to get them into an arrangement on one table that I liked but here is the look I went with

You can also break these up and place them all through out the house or several in one room but on separate tables. Here is one alternate way to display the flowers, if you want them all in one spot.

This entire tablescape cost about $20 and took me 30 minutes to arrange. The best part is, most of these flowers and arrangements will last for a month and it keeps my table looking Fall Festive all the way until Thanksgiving !


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