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Jewelry Display DIY

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A creative jewelry display in your home can serve two purposes. To organize your accessories  and to dress up a bathroom, dressing room or top of a dresser or vanity. I used to dump all of my necklaces in a drawer, and would forget to wear most of the stuff I owned. A few months ago, I found a company that sells jewelry displays and ordered a bust, T-bar for bracelets and a padded board to hang my longer necklaces.

I also bought an antique looking tray on Etsy to use for both of our watches. This white IKEA dresser would be so boring if it wasn’t for this busy display of jewelry and watches. Walking past this every morning and night reminds me to pick out a necklace or set of bracelets to wear.

Here are some other fun and creative ways you can display your jewelry at home. I really love the bust form as pictured in the PB Teen version and in a more grown up version from If you don’t want to spend the money on purchasing one of these, you can easily use an old or unused picture frame with some padding in the center, covered by a fun fabric.

Necklace stand by Holly Deer Designs of Etsy

Pottery Barn Teen Dress Form – $199

Jewelry Bust from Anthology Magazine

Jewelry Display by Knoxville Art on Etsy – $100

Leather Necklace Bust Display here

T Bracelet Display here

Long Chain Display here

Jewelry Tray – similar here 


One thought on “Jewelry Display DIY

  1. Great ideas! I use a 3 tier silverplate dessert stand for my bracelets,mand a few shallow crystal goblets for rings.

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