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Color Inspiration – Orange & Blue


On October 17th, the high temp for the part of LA that I live in hit 95 degrees. We are in the middle of October people ! So figuring that this MUST be the last of the heat waves, I pulled out a mini skirt in a bright summery color. This outfit reminded me how much I love the color combination of orange & blue. It is bright, cheerful and can be worn in the summer and fall / winter. I paired my orange skirt with a striped blue & white top and blue polka dot wedges. I also included some cooler weather examples of this combo as well as orange & blue in menswear and interiors and I hope this inspires you to pull out your favorite orange piece of clothing this month.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of


4 thoughts on “Color Inspiration – Orange & Blue

  1. I may have to go shipping… Don’t think I own anything orange 🙂

  2. I love orange! Every time I find an article of clothing in it, I have to buy it.
    And of course I am partial to burnt orange, Hook ’em!

    • Paola – The skirt is Banana Republic and I got it on-line a month or two ago so you should see if it’s still available. I love that it is plain and simple and easy to mix with different tops. Plus it’s a good length – appropriate “mini” length for work or fun.

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