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Getting Ready for the Weekend – New Music

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Here are a few new fun, groovy songs from Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak. You have probably heard Keep on Searching from their 2005 album Boogie Angst but may have not known who you were listening to. Kraak & Smaak is not normally the “genre” of music I gravitate to, because they might be thrown into the dance / electronica grouping but their music has a lot of vocals and is clearly influenced by soul and R&B. Anyway – check out these two new tracks from their latest album.

The second song, Wasted with a Smile, does not have an official video and takes a few seconds to get started but hang in there because it’s definitely worth it. Enjoy the music and let me know what you think by using the comments link at the top of this post. I love getting new or undiscovered music suggestions myself. AND – if you like this post (or any others from the past) please hit SHARE and share with your friends on Facebook 🙂


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