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Never Trust a Happy Song

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Never Trust a Happy Song is the name of the debut album from indie band Grouplove. I love this song, even though it gets a good amount of radio play. The name of the album got me thinking about how upbeat, dancey music has little street cred among the set of people who DON’T listen to Top 40 radio hits. I am always looking for fun songs for my (short) drive to work or when I take the occasional outdoor run on a weekend. So here is my list of recent songs I have found that are either happy or upbeat and make me want to turn the volume up and dance in my seat while driving. Some of these are “new-ish” but I still think they are worth sharing. Share comments on what you think about the songs and let me know if you have any finds of your own that you want to share.

Another of my favorite recent finds is by a band called Harlem Shakes. NOT Alabama Shakes, but HARLEM Shakes. Unfortunately, they disbanded shortly after the release of their 2009 album. This is booty shakin’ music ! Check out my favorite, Strictly Game as well a Sunlight from their 2009 album.

Dancing on my Own by Swedish recording artist Robyn is not a happy song, it’s a heartbreak anthem and reminds me of the sort of dancey teenage angst ridden song I would have been dancing to when I was sneaking into clubs underage in the 90’s.

That’s it for now folks. Happy listening !


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