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Chippendale Chairs

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You have probably seen or sat on a Chippendale style chair without knowing what it was called. Thanks to the popularity of Chinoiserie, these chairs are everywhere now and are made in several styles inspired by Thomas Chippendale.

I was on the hunt for two Chippendale style chairs for my living room, but could only find them for $800-$1,000 a piece and that was more than I wanted to spend on chairs that would only get used when we had company. Jonathan Adler makes a nice looking Chippendale chair but it retails for $650 a piece, before tax & shipping.

I finally decided to purchase  Macau chairs  from Ballard Designs, which were on sale for $429 for 2 chairs. I got them in the antiqued black, as my choice was black or white, and not the fun colors posted above.

The chairs came with a very sad and unfortunate looking off-white cushion that had pretty hideous looking ties to keep it attached to the chair. I knew this part of the chair would need some work.

I went to a local fabric store in LA, and picked out a slightly dressier fabric and had the store make a new cushion for me for $25 (plus the cost of the fabric) The new cushion had much nicer looking ties that used velcro to attach around the chair leg.

In this close up, you can also see the antiqued red tone to the otherwise chocolate black finish on the chair.

And here is how the chairs look on either side of my fireplace. I hung the pictures above at a height that can be viewed while seated. The chairs are decorative for most of the time but can be pulled out and used in our living room when we have guests.


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