Not Going Out Like That

Cheap and chic fashion


Pencil Skirt: Old Navy, Belt JCrew

I discovered Old Navy when I first had my son and realized that breastmilk stains !! Aghh ! I went to Old Navy looking for disposable clothing and ended up falling in love with their bright, sunny style. Since then I have turned a few co-workers on to my favorite frugal fashion discovery.

Watch vintage Hermes, Bracelet Cartier

Handbag Tory Burch

Shirt Old Navy, Necklace Target


3 thoughts on “Cheap and chic fashion

  1. I wore shapewear under the skirt, specifically to keep the shirt tucked 🙂

  2. How did you tuck your shirt in and not have any lines? I am wearing and old navy outfit myself today…deeper yellow cord skirt (also bought in royal to put oxblood top 😉 with) and Royal blue top. Saw that skirt you have and almost bought one of those as well but figured it would carry my far into the NE winter. Very Cute!

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