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Graffiti in your home

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I became obsessed with the idea of graffiti furniture when I flipped through the Ikea catalog a few months ago. I think a piece like this would be especially fun in a kid’s room or even in a home office. Searching on-line, the few artists I found that make furniture pieces are mostly in the UK, so maybe they are more daring than we are. Here are some pieces that I found and would love to work into my home.

Artist: Jimmie Martin

Mod Mirrors by Irak Crew

I found a DIY “How To” post on Lil Blue Boo that explains how to achieve a desk like this for a kid’s room.

There is also a hotel in Marseilles that had a graffiti artist named TILT design a room that is entirely white on one side and covered in graffiti on the other. Looks amazing !

Artist: TILT

UK artists Urban Kind and Anna James also produce graffiti furniture but I am still in the process of finding out if their products can be purchased in the US. Jimmie Martin is another furniture designer that has both graffiti and other graffic furniture pieces that are very unique. Below is his white text sideboard, which can be found on his website.


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