Not Going Out Like That

Pearls !

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I love pearls but they can come off as formal or stuffy. I thought that a smaller size pearl may be more wearable on a day-t0-day basis and look more casual. Most pearls we buy are around 6.5-8mm but I was on the hunt for 4.5mm. I found a strand I loved at Mikimoto in Beverly Hills but a 16″ choker strand was nearly $2,000.  I searched on-line and found nothing. Finally, a family friend in the jewelry business tracked them down for me and she said it was no easy feat ! Then today I found a strand on eBay  for $650. One more example of “edgy” pearls can be found at

Here are some pics of celebrities wearing pearls in a less traditional way.


Here is a comparison of my 4.5mm pearls to a typical size strand that is around 6-6.5mm

And here is how I layer and wear my pearl choker (16″) with a yellow gold necklace I got as my push gift when I had my son.


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